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Spoon University: Our Response to Instagram Influencers who think Rolled Ice Cream is "Stupid".

The Instagram influencers at Spoon University are at it again... Rolled ice cream is more than just a trendy dessert that looks good in Instagram photos! True rolled ice cream is made from scratch using quality ingredients and NOT made with premixes purchased from wholesale which can result in lackluster and dull ice cream flavors. Aside from the beauty in our desserts, they actually taste delicious too and that's why we have repeat customers!

I challenge these influencers to visit a rolled ice cream shop that makes ice cream bases from scratch! We start with a fresh ice cream base and roll each of our desserts by hand instead of churning and incorporating air like scooped ice creams. Our process of making ice cream results in virtually no overrun or air produced in ice cream and we also dont have to include all the extra preservatives and stabilizers when you make rolled ice cream fresh from scratch.

When you compare ice cream that is rolled against aerated or churned ice cream the flavors of rolled ice cream should be much more intense and flavorful due to the lack of air in the final product. It should have a creamier mouthfeel due to the lack of crystallization and the flavors should be intentionally more pronounced and if it tastes anything like the review provided by Spoon University then it's not a good made from scratch rolled ice cream. Lots of companies have jumped on the rolled ice cream trend and aren't concerned with longevity as an ice cream shop because they are using premixes purchased from wholesale to produce a substandard ice cream product and relying on the trend to grow their business instead of using the art form of rolling the ice cream to create the best tasting ice cream possible!

We're here to prove rolled ice cream when made from scratch is more than a trendy Instagram dessert... Rolled ice cream looks great but also tastes great and it certainly isn't "stupid" to have a fresher, creamier, and more flavorful ice cream product available. Rolled ice cream is an elevated form of a timeless dessert that will always be around when you make it from scratch like we do... Ditch

the scoop, thanks for following and stay tuned!

~Sean & LaToya


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